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Cubes&Crayons developed out of one mom's frustration as she tried to have her cake and eat it, too.

By 8:00 am on Monday morning, I have gone for a run, handled two dozen messages and reviewed the financial statements for Cubes&Crayons, all as while refereeing my two girls at breakfast. Before Cubes&Crayons I was a professional ready to go back to my job full time. Then my first daughter was born, and suddenly, I was in love. She was the most beautiful creature and I literally could barely put her down for the first month of her life. It was then that I first thought of Cubes&Crayons as a solution to my goal to have a creative work community with a fun and educational place for children.

Fast forward two years with many late nights and early mornings trying to scrunch work into time slots when I wasn't with my daughter and I was pregnant again. As a mom working out of my home, I found myself lacking both the professional community to work in. Before Cubes&Crayons, I was literally juggiling singing lullabies and sending email and neither my daughters were happy nor was I. There had to be a better solution. And so, armed with a gut feeling, months of research, and two mini-me “helpers” of my own, I launched Cubes&Crayons, a space for kids and parents to develop side-by-side. Look out, Corporate America. New moms are ready to head on up the corporate ladder…with tots in tow.

It's been a joy to build and I continue to grow as mom, entrepreneur and career gal looking for new solutions to life issues. In addition to loving Cubes&Crayons and my children, I enjoy running, cooking, hiking, yoga, traveling, and reading, and ultimately finding that balance.

To learn about our journey from idea to first campus and beyond, take time to read my blog a running narrative of the trials and tribulations of being entrepreneur and mom. Grab a slice of cake with our friends and family discount on my first book, Take the Cake, the key to your best life. Check back for updates!