Cubes&Crayons: The People Cubes&Crayons: The People Cubes&Crayons: The People Cubes&Crayons: The People
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The community effect of Cubes&Crayons is an intangible & priceless commodity supported by our focus on positive business for the local community and beyond: Green childcare practicesWe work on the principles of the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit

People (human capital) - first and foremost of value to us is the people in our community.  The children, professionals, and employees are of the highest value.  We look not only to support them but also our surrounding community through partnerships like receiving diapers for Help A Mother Out and other community outreach programs. 

Planet (natural capital) - we are a green space and engage in practices to curtail environmental impact.  From keeping lights off and turning off appliances, to carpet from recycled materials, furniture from recyled materials and no VOC paint, we make choices for protecting the environment whenever possible.  We ask members to bring cups for coffee and to look at partners like Earth Baby that are providing an eco-friendly diaper service.  We recycle paper and office supplies for art projects and ask people to use eFax as it is more eco-friendly than paper faxes.

Profit  - and finally we do look at the bottom line.  Ultimately, we are a business and in order to sustain the above we do need to make a profit thus making a positive economic impact on our company and on the community around us.  Local business generates a positive, sustainable economy and allows the community to thrive.  We put money back into our community and not to a national corporation.  Read more on the top 10 reasons to support local business.