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Kids Space - Office Space


Can I drop into work without my child?

You may use the office without your child, playtime for just your child, or what we call play+office. Office only rates are available on our rates page. Learn more about the options available for your needs.

What is the benefit of prepaying hours?

None! This is just an option that lets you pay the way you want to pay.

Do I have to be a member to for my child to go to Playtime?

Not to try. There is no requirement of membership on your first visit. All users pay a $25 registration fee on their second visit. Members receive discounts on classes and events and also may attend Outside the Cube classes and events.

Can I drop off my child to go to an off site appointment?

Yes. You can be offsite up to 12 hours a week. Your child may be onsite as many hours as you need, if you are also present. For example, if your child is onsite 20 hours a week, you must be onsite for at least 8 of those hours.

Why a "green" office and kid space?

We were born "green." Cubes&Crayons is a catalyst of an eco-friendly community of productive and innovative individuals who want ht ebest care for their child. We are solution oriented which affects ever element of our choices. Being commited to the environment is good for the community. Read more about our "green" practices.

How do I sign up?

Follow three easy steps and you are ready to go! Drop in to register or book your first appointment via email and then you can fill your paperwork on the first day. Please remember to bring your child's immunization card or a photocopy of it on your first day and to leave a little extra time to fill out emergency contact information.

What if I am running late in picking up my child?

We can keep your child in care as long as we have space. Please call or email if you will be running late whenever possible. Please allow a cushion of time for offsite appointments.

Why can I only book on the hour?

In order to maintain our child to staff ratios and stay affordable, all bookings are on the hour. You are welcome to come after the hour, but you are charged starting from the beginning of an hour through to the end of an hour. For example, if you drop off at 9:15am and pick up at 11:30, you will be charged for 9am – 12pm or 3 hours.

What if childcare is full when I need it?

We will not accept additional children when we are full which is why we encourage you to book your space as soon as you know you need it. We will accommodate you whenever possible.

What if I need to cancel?

There is a 100% cancellation fee for canceling after 6pm the night before the reservation. This allows us to keep rates low by ensuring that we don't turn away customers that may want the space you reserved. Please contact us right away if you need to cancel, we may be able to fill your spot and waive the fee.

What if my spouse/partner would like to use the office space? Do they need to enroll separately?

ou or your spouse/partner may utilize the office space. If you and your spouse/partner or associates are using the office space at the same time, you need to pay for office only space for the additional adult(s).

Do I need to bring a laptop?

You do need to bring your laptop if you plan on accessing the internet or working on a computer. WIFI is free.

Can I book other space besides the open office space?

The private office space and conference room are available to rent during business hours. Additionally, the entire space is available for rent for events or professional meetings during after hours. We can host your playgroup in the child space or provide a great backdrop for your conference. You may rent the space for parties as well. Check out our very affordable party rates. A projector is available as well. For booking the space separately, email us at or send us a note.

What's the best time to drop-in?

What time of days tend to be the slowest? What’s my best chance for a last minute reservation? Each day is busy. For last minute reservations, after 1pm typically tends to be easier than morning appointments. For morning reservations we recommend a minimum of 48 hours to ensure there is space for your child.

Where's the cubes?

"Cubes" isolate. The goal at Cubes&Crayons is to give you a great professional community while your child is playing in a safe environment. Drop your laptop on a desk or lounge chair with tablet in our open work space and start work. Wi-Fi included. No hidden charges. Mingle over coffee and cookies. If you need your privacy, just head into an office or conference room. Offices and conference rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis or by reservation for an additional fee.