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Not just another Community. Not your regular Playtime.

"I was looking for drop-in infant care and I found a second home." - Elly

"I love the smile on my son's face when we arrive at Cubes&Crayons and the pride he demonstrates when he is explaining the art project he did. He is confident and healthy and most of all having fun. Thank you to the caring and creative staff at Cubes&Crayons who makes it easy for me to take a break, guilt free!" - Catherine

"My daughter loves going to Cubes and Crayons, it is the only place I've ever felt comfortable leaving her other than with family. The staff is wonderful, very nuturing. It's a fun and educational environment for her development. - Julia

"Sofia loves it here and as we come up on our year date that she has been attending, I am happy that it is still her favorite place to be! I am loving all of the unique crafts and paintings that Sofia has been bringing home, they are a real treat to get and also a joy to know that she isn't just running around playing the whole time she's there- but that she is also engaging in fun activities for her to do and for me to treasure! - Melissa

"I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for taking care of my daughter the last couple days. I was SO very nervous and felt guilty dropping her off at Cubes & Crayons yesterday because we have never left her with someone we don't know... with that being said I hope you can imagine my joy today when I dropped her off and saw her huge smile when she saw you... Please accept my sincerest gratitude for taking care of my precious baby... It helps knowing she's left in good hands and enjoys her time with you there... THANK YOU!!" - Amy

"I love coming to Cubes & Crayons for the friendly community feel. It is a positive feel that being parents there is as important as our work. I like that I get the work feel and social interaction that I can't get at home on my own." - Elizabeth

"My favorite part of Cubes and Crayons is the fact that I can be productive working in the C&C offices, but I can also walk back and see my 6 month old son anytime. Its nice to know he is close by, and I can't think of a better way to spend a break from work than seeing my son for a few minutes." - Emily

"We were disheartened by the options we had for our infant's care, and then a friend suggested trying Cubes and Crayons. This is such a perfect solution (we can't believe how lucky we are)! Cubes and Crayons is a great work environment, and we felt really comfortable and happy with the care givers and play space." - Christopher

"I was looking for balancing productivity at work while having dependable child care for my children. I spent the better part of a year trying to find high-quality child care for my youngest daughter and found it near impossible. The best nannies all want to work full-time and both home cares and “industrial” day cares were not for me or my daughter. I made do with working from home, but that proved to be unproductive, distracting and lonely. Cubes&Crayons solved the problem by making both work and life possible! I no longer have to choose. My clients are better off for it… I’m much more productive and focused thanks to their office space. My husband’s Fortune 100 company is better off for it, because whether he or I are out of town for business, we know that we have a dependable place to work with our daughters well taken care. My children are better off for it… they love to come to Cubes and Crayons. The providers are amazing (and I’m one of those picky moms!) Both the providers that look after my daughters just had a sixth sense about the kids and how to connect with them. My girls love going there! … and I’m better off for it. I grew exhausted of juggling too many balls: work, children, commuting. Thanks to Cubes&Crayons, I no longer need to choose." - Sasha

"It took me a while to get started: I kept putting it off thinking I could cope as things were. In the end, I cam along to one of the social events to look around. I booked our first session the next morning and am now using Cubes & Crayons three mornings a week. I get so much done that the extra time I work at home feels like a bonus, and I can relax and enjoy the time I then have with my son. The rates are excellent, too!" - Alyson