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New survey says California's child care centers not notifying parents of pesticide use

A new survey of California's child care centers found that more than half of them are ignoring state regulations to notify parents that they are using potentially dangerous pesticide.

"We have kids who put things in their mouth constantly. If anything were toxic near them, that would be awful," said Felicity Chapman, founder of Cubes&Crayons, an organic and pesticide-free day care in Mountain View. "I don't think toxins should be near children. We as a society definitely gone the wrong way thinking that we can use all these chemicals to fight off things. It's not good for children's health."

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Clever Childcare Solutions Beyond Daycare

M.F. Chapman's flexible work schedule was a little too flexible: She couldn't find childcare for her unpredictable hours. So she came up with a clever way to help other working moms like her.


January 7, 2010 - CNN

Working in Wi-Fi Limbo

"This center is a great example of how some groups are taking on a community center model that reaches beyond shared office space," says Durst, author of "Work at Home Now," about Cubes&Crayons.


July 16 - 29, 2008 - The Wave Magazine

Co-working in Silicon Valley Cubes & Crayons mixes 'coworking' with child care

Then there are places like Menlo Park-based Cubes & Crayons, which combines co-working space with child day care. Cubes & Crayons has become a unique business model that has many people pleading with founder M. F. Chapman to open one in their city.


July 23, 2008 - The Almanac Online

In Business: Taking the kids to work The challenge is eating the cake and still having it.

In this case, the cake is a red velvet career with a corner office and fulfilling work, all mixed up with angel food family life with children, a minivan, and violin recitals.


June 26, 2008 - Article in New York Times Fashion & Style section

Life’s Work - Working Alone in a Group

At Cubes and Crayons in Menlo Park, Calif., most of the clients are women, which is not typical. Child care is part of the package. The 60 members can drop off their children and work in a quiet lounge a few yards away.


May 3, 2008 - Interview on KPIX, CBS5, San Francisco Peninsula Parents Combine Office Space, Daycare

MENLO PARK (CBS) - Parents who work from home with their young children around know it's a challenge. Now, one Bay Area entrepreneur is offering a new solution to the challenge of juggling work and child care. A Menlo Park company is offering office space, with child care thrown in.


May 2008 - Featured in Bay Area Parent Magazine

When Office Space Meets Childcare

Knowing that there are plenty of virtual, flexible workers out there – many of them mothers – Felicity Chapman hatched another novel business. Cubes & Crayons, which opened in January in Menlo Park, offers office space and child care, both available on a flexible basis.


April 2008

Featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal On-demand workspace plus child care equals early success All work and all play has made Cubes & Crayons a success.

The Menlo Park company, which offers flexible office space combined with a child-care facility, has generated lots of buzz in the media and among parenting and co-working groups alike -- not bad, considering the business has only been open since January.


April 2008

Office plans, complete with crayons

Heather McLeod Grant had a 1 p.m. conference call and a 4-year-old daughter who was home from preschool for the day but would not nap. As the call began, she could hear Somerset stirring in her room. Then she heard jumping. Finally a little head peeked in the door and grinned. "Mommy, I not sleeping," Somerset said.


nnovative Ideas and Artistic Endeavors

Office space and kid space

Your most important client has just called. You're about to deliver the status report that you've been polishing for the last week and your three–year–old choosed now to experiment with ketchup on the living room walls. For anyone who tele–communtes and works from home the aforementioned scenario seems all to familiar.


January 2008 - Featured in Business Section of Palo Alto Weekly

Office space meets child care Cubes&Crayons mixes work space for professionals, 'kid space' for children by Veronica Sudekum

New parents caught in between the competing responsibilities of work and home have a new champion — and as of this week, a new place where the office and child care center merge into a single, supportive environment.