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Cubes&Crayons is where you can have your cake and eat it, too. Enjoy safe, fun-filled infant and childcare for your child starting at 6 weeks of age. Run errands, exercise, garden, grocery, haircut, housework, manicure, pedicure, massage, meeting, nap, knit, read, run, shop, swim, volunteer, vote, walk, work … the possibilities are endless! Use the office onsite for work (wi-fi included) or just drop off and take a moment for you.

Drop-In Childcare – The best infant and childcare for children 5 and under in an eco-friendly space. Starting at just 6 weeks of age, we engage, support and care for your child while you take a break, enjoy lunch with friends, or attend appointments. Take time for yourself and be a better parent. Pay for childcare when you need it not when you don’t!

Childcare + Flexible Office Space –  Take great drop-in care for your child + a flexible office space just seconds away, and you have all you could need. Professionals, entrepreneurs, graduate students, freelancers and telecommuters all enjoy the ultimate flexibility as professionals and parents.

Flexible Office Space – Eco-friendly plug & play office services: Access two great workspaces including utilities, free coffee, and wireless Internet connection. Copy/scan/printing and postage services available as well. Say goodbye to the trouble of setting up an office. Walk into our campus and get to work in a dynamic space. For more information, please visit our office brand, Outside the Cube.

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